Julie Lyford Greens candidate for Lyne.

Julie Lyford Greens candidate for Lyne

The Greens are delighted and excited to announce that well known former Gloucester Mayor, Julie Lyford OAM, will be their candidate for the forthcoming federal election for the seat of Lyne.

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

“The Greens very much appreciate Julie’s decision to join the Greens and to run as a Greens candidate. Julie’s extensive experience and understanding of local issues and local communities will mean more people will hear about and be inspired by our election platform.

As a well-respected and well know community member Julie brings great talent, extensive networking ability and insight into social and environmental issues that other candidates will find hard to match. I’m looking forward to joining Julie on the campaign trail.

Julie brings a wealth of experience to her new role as Greens candidate for Lyne. From her position as Mayor of Gloucester to her role in numerous community groups Julie knows what matters to people and she has innovative ideas on how to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.”

Julie has a track record of being a strong and dedicated advocate for rural and regional communities. She is the kind of candidate that makes her and the Greens the natural choice to represent regional Australia. Julie has worked as a registered nurse in country NSW and has had many years experience representing the Gloucester community as a Councillor and as Mayor. She has worked on numerous local and regional bodies and understands the needs, aspirations and problems facing those living in country NSW.

Julie is a person with a passion for progressive change and also believes that it is vital for any community representative to always spend lots of time listening to the wishes of the people. This she does very well.

Julie says:

“Australia, and particularly regional and country Australia, faces unprecedented challenges. These challenges can only be met by looking to the future and not remaining mired in the past. We need to have truthful and inclusive conversations about our future-conversations that are not controlled by sectional interests and the fear of change. All communities are entitled to transparency, justice, integrity, a fair go and to be listened to.

Above all I want to work for a society that is sustainable, fair, nurturing, inclusive and productive. The Greens policies are a blueprint for the present and the future.

Over the months ahead I look forward to working with the communities within Lyne and meeting as many residents and businesses as possible and listening to their concerns and aspirations.

I will also be honoured to work alongside Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon as we travel and meet the residents and communities of the Lyne electorate

Let’s get the conversations started.”