Turnbull’s clean energy fund is green-washing

MEDIA RELEASE – 24 March 2016

Turnbull’s clean energy fund is green-washing, say Greens.

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale said:

“Tony Abbott is not the benchmark of good climate policy and in a climate emergency, this should not be the best Malcolm Turnbull can do to transform our economy.

“The concept of the fund could have some merit but not while it results in a cut to ARENA’s total funding or opening the door to so-called ‘low pollution’ projects like gas.

Councillor Michael Osborne, Greens Senate Candidate:

“While Turnbull plays games with the CEFC and ARENA – two organisations that have been extremely successful to date, it’s regions like the Hunter that could lose out. The funding cut to ARENA will strike at the heart of Research and Development and impact on innovative start-up projects. So much for innovation from the Liberal government.”

“Last year, they decided that burning native forests would be called renewable energy. This year, they’re calling the fallacy of clean coal renewable energy research.”

“Under the Abbott/Turnbull regime we have seen a constant stream of attacks on the renewable energy industry, but none so slippery as this one.”

Julie Lyford, Greens candidate for Lyne said:

“While the Liberals keep ignoring calls from the community to fund research into the health effects of coal dust and CSG, the Liberal government has politicised the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and poured $3.3 million into research into the effect of wind farms on people’s health.”

“After 17 reviews into wind energy in Australia alone, enough is enough!”

“The government should be investigating the health effects of coal seam gas and coal mining.”

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(Image: sbs.com.au)