Lyford urges people to fight for rail at Taree

Julie Lyford urges people to fight for rail at Taree

THE XPT carries Julie Lyford to Sydney at least once a fortnight.

The Greens candidate for the federal seat of Lyne and former Gloucester Shire Council mayor described Taree as “her backyard” as she shared her 30-year connection to Gloucester and her role in the fight to stop coal seam gas mining to a crowd of more than 150 people.

Mrs Lyford stood on the steps of Taree Railway Station and issued a call for the Manning Valley community to rally together to fight proposed NSW government changes to the operating hours and staffing at Taree Railway Station.

“The only thing that changes anything is when the people, ordinary folk, like us stand up and say to government, who are elected to serve you, ‘you cannot do this, you are taking away our rights’,” Mrs Lyford said.

“Don’t be told that you cannot stand up for your rights. I hear this everywhere I go, ‘oh I can’t say anything’… but yes you can and Australia really needs to grab its democracy back from government so this sort of thing does not happen.

“I really encourage everyone to write to your local member, this is a State issue in regards to the decision, but this is an Australian issue in the loss of your democratic rights.

“This is appalling what they are doing here, your safety, your rights, are the most important thing and that is why they got elected, that is their job, to look after you.”