Lyford praises sacked Gloucester councillor Aled Hoggett

Media release 19May2016 Lyford praises sacked Councillor Aled Hoggett

Media release 19 May 2016:

Lyford praises courage of sacked Gloucester Councillor Aled Hoggett

Julie Lyford, Greens candidate for the seat of Lyne, has strongly supported dismissed Gloucester Councillor Aled Hoggett who has refused on principle to take part in the merged Mid Coast Council so-called representation committees.

Last week the Government dismissed all Councillors from the Gloucester, Taree and Great Lakes Councils and appointed an unelected official to be boss of the new Council.

On 17 May, Government appointed Council Administrator and former National Party Deputy Leader John Turner, wrote an email to Mr Hoggett and all other dismissed Councillors asking whether they would nominate for a position on such a committee. Hypocritically the request told the former Councillors that the Government wanted strong local representation on the newly formed Council.

Julie Lyford believes that the statement that the Government wanted to ensure local representation on the new Council was breathtakingly hypocritical because by dismissing all elected Councillors the Government had just destroyed local democracy which was working well in all three dismissed Councils. In any event the so-called Representation Committees will be hand-picked by Mr Turner who has no community legitimacy and who has clear political allegiances to the National Party.

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