Lyford deplores savage government cuts to regional hospitals

Media release 26 May 2016:

Lyford deplores savage government cuts to regional hospitals

Julie Lyford, Greens candidate for the seat of Lyne, has deplored the Liberal/National Party cuts to regional hospitals that could well see $146.6 million being ripped away from Manning Base Hospital which is the equivalent to 88 hospital beds that cannot be funded or 163 nurses who cannot be paid.

“In its 2014 budget the Federal Government made savage cuts of $57 billion to public hospitals and to the public health system. Those cuts have not been restored. These cuts will have a huge impact on all public hospitals within the Lyne electorate. Public hospitals in country areas are essential to the well-being on their communities. People in the regions are already at a disadvantage in relation to health services compared to people living in the cities and this will make matters much worse.”

It has been calculated from figures released by the Parliamentary Budget Office that hospitals within the seat of Lyne could lose an estimated $233 million over the next 10 years because of these savage cuts. On a pro rata basis, it is likely to mean that hospitals within the Lyne electorate will lose the following amounts:
• Dungog Hospital $13.1 million which means a loss of 8 beds or 15 nurses
• Gloucester Hospital $17.1 million which means a loss 10 beds or 19 nurses
• Manning Base $146.6 million which means a loss of 88 beds or 163 nurses
• Wauchope Hospital $28.2 million which means a loss of 17 beds or 31 nurses
• Wingham Hospital $28 million which means a loss of 17 beds or 31 nurses.

“These cuts, when combined with the freeze on the Medicare rebate, are likely to have devastating impact upon the health of communities serviced by these hospitals. Whilst the Liberal/National Party Government can find the money to give tax cuts to big business it apparently cannot find the money to properly look after the health of people in the regions. The people within the Lyne electorate have clearly been let down by the National Party once again.”

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