LNP preference deals show they are afraid of real change

Libs-Nats afraid of real change

Media release 13 June 2016:

Liberals putting Greens last shows how afraid they are of real change

The decision by Malcom Turnbull to put the Greens last on their how to vote cards shows just how scared the Lib/Nats are of being forced to take real action on such issues as climate change, fair taxation and many other issues.

Julie Lyford, the Greens candidate for Lyne said:

“The Lib/Nats and the ALP are the Coles and Woollies of Australian politics. They are comfortable with this arrangement and hate to think that their cosy deal might be upset by parties such as the Greens. The Greens are the only party that offers real action on such issues as climate change and the Lib/Nats are terrified that they might be forced to take proper action on this issue and others if more Greens are elected.

The Greens offer a real alternative to the cynical politics of the past. Both the Lib/Nats and the ALP depend on large corporate and union donations which is corrupting our democratic system. They are scared that this convenient arrangement might be upset by the Greens. The Greens do not accept corporate donations and are therefore not beholden to special interests as are the Lib/Nats and the ALP.

In this election the Greens in Lyne will not be telling their supporters who they should preference. I respect my supporters and believe who they preference is entirely a matter for them. I believe that the community is sick and tired of cynical politics where backroom deals are done.

The Greens will keep standing up for the things that matter such as climate change, inequality and treating the less fortunate with real compassion.

It is only the Greens who offer clean politics and real change.”

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