Pirates and Senate preferences

Vote 1 Greens in the Senate

Why are the Greens recommending their second preference in the Senate for the Pirate Party? The new voting rules for the Senate state: number at least six boxes above the line or 12 boxes below the line.

The Pirate Party is a serious political party, yes really, based on the Swedish Pirate Party. They describe themselves as “a movement based around the core tenets of:


  • freedom of information and culture
  • civil and digital liberties
  • privacy and anonymity
  • government transparency
  • participatory democracy”

In the 2013 Federal Election they received 0.31% of the vote. It is likely this will be higher in 2016 as The Wikileaks Party are not contesting this election and Pirates will appeal to some of the demographic which voted for Wikileaks in 2013. At that election Wikileaks received .66% of the Senate vote and directed preferences to the Shooters and Fishers and the Australia First Party before the Greens.

The Pirate Party policies are attractive to Greens voters in areas of non-discrimination, human rights, digital privacy and innovation, freedom of speech and ending corporate and state monopolies on intellectual property. The Pirate Party also supports community based clean energy generation.

In both 2010 and in 2013 the Pirates recommended the Greens as their second preference to all voters.

You can find out more about the Pirate Party at their website.