Movie night: Sacrifice Zone – Thu 10 May 2018

Sacrifice Zone movie, Gloucester 10 May 2018

A film about the movement to save the Pilliga forest & the Great Artesian Basin.


UPDATE: We had a great night in Gloucester with the amazing Cloudcatcher Media film ‘Sacrifice Zone’ by Eve Amelia and David Lowe. The Barrington Tops Greens raised $536 from the attendees towards the Rocky Hill Coal mine fight. Thank you!

There’s been a lot in the media lately about a ‘gas crisis’ in Australia.

The truth is that most of our gas is being exported, and the gas cartel wants more. People-powered victories against unconventional gas and fracking in the Northern Rivers, Gloucester and Victoria have panicked the industry.

Now they have their sights set on the Pilliga in northwest NSW…

Free entry. Hosted by Barrington Tops Greens, this is a fundraiser for the Stop Rocky Hill Coal Mine Appeal.

Bring supper to share, tea/coffee available.

  • WHEN: Thursday 10 May 2018 at 6.30pm
  • WHERE: Gloucester Citizens Centre, 30 Hume St, Gloucester

Award winning filmmakers David Lowe and Eve Jeffery from Cloudcatcher Media devoted 2017 to the making of a film they hope will be a game changer in the fight against coal seam gas (CSG) not only in New South Wales and Australia, but across the globe.

The film Sacrifice Zone is a response to South Australian mining company Santos who are seeking government approval to develop a gasfield in the Narrabri area in northwest New South Wales, but the issues covered in the film are a concern for anyone living in the path of the CSG juggernaut.

In a thin-end-of-the-wedge proposal, the Narrabri Gas Project plans to start by drilling 850 gas wells into the Pilliga Forest and through the Great Artesian Basin (GAB). The Pilliga is the southern recharge zone for the GAB which in many cases is the only secure water supply for famers across the Liverpool Plains and beyond. If that water is contaminated by the drilling process, in the words of actor and activist Michael Caton who appears in the film: ‘You can’t unscramble the egg.’

The 100 minute feature documentary Sacrifice Zone, is a conversation between about 70 people on the hazards of drilling into the Pilliga Forest and the GAB, by a greedy big mining company in their quest for gas.

Cloudcatcher Media are so determined that the information in the film is widely seen that they are screening the film for free – to this end they are offering free big screen events and the film is available online.

‘We have interviewed every expert we could find to speak about the issues surrounding this invasive mining industry’, says co-producer/director Eve Jeffery. ‘We have created a very large wall of information that will be impossible for Santos, or any other miner for that matter, to get over, go around, or drill under.

‘Every conceivable argument Santos can find to get this project up and running, is answered by science and local knowledge in this film.’

There are already great testimonials for the film.

Author and climate activist Bill McKibben of, says gas is a huge threat to the planet’s climate. ‘This film is a great help in the biggest battle the planet faces.’

Midnight Oil’s songwriter and drummer Rob Hirst said that the documentary is inspiring and tragic, compelling and utterly convincing. ‘NSW and Queensland’s unfolding coal-seam gas catastrophe, and the grave danger to the priceless Great Artesian Basin, described in passionate terms by a diverse cast of farmers, firies, boffins, greenies, pollies and First Nations elder,’ he says.

Shay Dougall who is organising the Australian Human Rights Tribunal into Unconventional Gas is also a Hopeland farmer who lives at the epicentre of the underground coal gasification (UCG) and CSG catastrophe in Queensland. Shay can’t speak highly enough of the film. ‘It is magnificent,’ says Shay. ‘It is going to be a game changer, it left me with a will to keep fighting, not feeling so alone and wishing I lived in NSW… Proud to be Aussie.’

The film’s co-director/co-producer David Lowe says ‘We are encouraging people to do house and hall screenings around the country.’

When asked why they were delivering the film for free, Cloudcatcher Media said they need this film to be seen by as many Australians as possible before a decision is made about the Narrabri Gas Project, and we need word of mouth to make that happen. ‘This is a fighting film’, says Lowe. ‘Parts of Australia may be safe from CSG for now, but the rest of the country is not, and north west New South Wales in particular needs the rest of the country to get educated and stand with them’.

For more information about the film and screenings email Cloudcatcher Media: