2018 Annual General Meeting: Thu 18 Oct 2018

Barrington Tops Greens AGM

Members & non-members are invited to the Barrington Tops Greens Annual General Meeting 2018


WHEN: Thursday 18 October 2018, at 6.30pm

WHERE: 2 Queen St, Gloucester   New South Wales


1. Apologies

2. Confirmation of Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 23 November 2017

3. Convenor’s Report

4. Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2018

5. Election of Office Bearers:

a) Convenor
b) Secretary
c) Treasurer
d) Membership Officer

6. Proposal to Change Barrington Tops Greens Constitution clause 5.4.
To allow Barrington Tops Greens members to use electronic devices to participate in
Barrington Tops Greens meetings.

7. General business