Rocky Hill coal mine defeated again

Barrington Tops Greens congratulates Groundswell Gloucester and the Environmental Defenders Office for their defeat of Rocky Hill coal mine!



Julie Lyford, Chair “The Gloucester community is deeply grateful to EDO NSW staff and Barrister Robert White for their unstinting support of the Gloucester residents and assisting in the protection of our beautiful valley.

We are ecstatic that the court has ruled against the proposal for an open cut mine, 250m deep and less than 1km from family homes.

Climate change is the major threat to our regions, water, health and to the planet.

There should be no new or expanded coal mines and the State and Federal Governments need to transition to renewables as fast as they can.

Finally, Groundswell Gloucester would like to see a Royal Commission into the coal and gas industries in NSW, including the relevant state government departments that many communities see as giving scant if any regard to the massive and detrimental impacts of coal and gas developments on communities and their environments across the state.

The Rocky Hill licenses need to be removed so we can have certainty as a community and rebuild, prioritize a solar farm initiative and continue to grow Gloucester as the beautiful and clean, green region that we all love.“

Contact: Julie Lyford, Groundswell Gloucester | +61 424 269 784