Greens agree with Nationals leader Barilaro

Media release 13 March 2019:

Upper Hunter Greens candidate, Tony Lonergan, agrees with NSW National Party leader, John Barilaro who said yesterday ‘coal power did not stack up economically and governments should not be in the business of propping up technologies the market had rejected’.[1]

This followed an announcement in Singleton by Michael Johnsen, Nationals MP for Upper Hunter and Barnaby Joyce, Nationals MP for New England, supporting new coal-fired power stations in the Hunter region.

‘Michael Johnsen should be listening to his state party leader, who is spot on in regard to the future of coal-fired power,’ said Tony Lonergan.

‘Mr Johnsen and Mr Joyce appear to be captured by the big multinational coal companies who take most of their profits off-shore and are cutting wages and conditions for their Upper Hunter workforce.’

‘Mr Johnsen is not only paddling against the tide of history, he is paddling against his own party leadership.’

‘It is now time for political leaders to be working with the community in the Upper Hunter to plan for a smooth transition away from the coal industry.’

Mr Johnsen recently remarked that the coal industry made up 30% of the regional economy.[2]

‘The Upper Hunter must embrace opportunities for change in a world that is shifting to renewable energy and climate change mitigation measures,’ said Tony Lonergan.

‘The NSW Greens have a fully funded transition plan. Talking up coal-fired power stations has no future for the region.’

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[1] Sydney Morning Herald March 12

[2] Muswellbrook Chronicle March 5

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