Stuart Watson: Greens candidate for Lyne

Stuart Watson Greens candidate 2019

Hi, I’m Stuart Watson.

Renewable energy is my passion, as a cyclist, sailor, father, husband and Greens candidate, I see it as a factor in leaving the planet a safer place for our grandchildren.

As a renewable energy advocate, I have known the lost opportunities through governments resistance to adopting emerging technologies. I built my own electric car and commuted to my workplace in it for some years until I purchased a Nissan leaf.

For 25 years, protecting the environment has been at the very heart of the Greens movement. But right now, things are getting serious. We’re seeing the impact of climate change all around us, threatening communities now and the quality of life we’ll hand over to future generations. And the major parties don’t have a plan to deal with dangerous climate change.

This election, more than ever, politics needs a shake-up. We need to send a message to the major parties and demand strong action on climate change. This election, vote climate. Vote [1] Greens.

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