How to Vote 1 Greens in Paterson

How to Vote 1 Greens in PATERSON electorate, including Kurri Kurri, Maitland, Medowie, Neath, Nelson Bay, Raymond Terrace and Williamtown.

Voting Greens this election is a vote for strong action on climate change. It’s a vote for a party that cares for people, protects our environment, and plans for the future.

It’s a vote to hold the next government to account. Here’s how in Paterson.

Whichever major party ends up winning on May 18, a vote for us means there are strong voices in Parliament to keep them honest for another three years.

With big corporations and vested interests effectively owning the Labor and Liberal parties, it’s absolutely critical there are Greens MPs in both houses to fight for community need not corporate greed.

The first step in achieving the change we need is to vote for someone who will fight for it.

Here’s how in Paterson.

How to vote Greens Paterson 2019