The Killing Times

The Killing Times interactive map of aboriginal massacres

University of Newcastle’s Colonial Massacres Map Project and The Guardian win the premier’s prize for The Killing Times.

An online map Dr Debenham has been creating with the University of Newcastle’s Professor Lyndall Ryan for the past six years actually pinpoints the locations of 300 such events between 1780 and 1930.

The map records five massacres, which Dr Debenham defines as the murder of six or more people, near Dungog, Muswellbrook and Barrington. The killings, perpetrated by military, government officials, stockmen and settlers, resulted in the deaths of 71 Aboriginal people in a period of just 15 years.

The Colonial Massacres Map Project team has won a co-joint prize with national news outlet The Guardian for its research.

The Guardian’s project¬†“The Killing Times” used the data from the team’s map¬†to create an interactive report on colonial massacres, which included a map, a photo series of massacre sites around Australia and a collection of related stories.

The project was awarded the $15,000 Premier’s Digital History Prize on 30 August 2019.

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