Media Releases

13 June 2016: LNP preference deals show they are afraid of real change (download pdf)

19 May 2016: Praise for sacked councillor’s stand against new Administrator (download pdf)

13 May 2016: Forced council amalgamations – the trashing of democracy (download pdf)

05 May 2016: The Federal Budget – a lost opportunity (download pdf)

26 April 2016: Conversations for change at Taree  (download pdf)

16 April 2016: Political donations and polluted politics  (download pdf)

16 April 2016: Council amalgamations – Caring for democracy  (download pdf)

24 March 2016: Turnbull’s clean energy fund is green-washing  (download pdf)

23 February 2016: Julie Lyford Greens candidate for Lyne  (download pdf)